That’s me on the right with my wife (on the left of course) from an event I was at for the Toronto Argo’s. I’ve had some really awesome opportunities photographing other sporting events like in 2014 when the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Buffalo Sabres went in to OT for 15 rounds of shootout!

I’m a freelance event photographer based out of Toronto, but will gladly travel anywhere in the GTA (or further if you need me to) for a shoot. I’m 20-something years old (quickly approaching 30!), and I’ll take pictures of anything and everything. Photography has opened my eyes to notice the very subtle things in life which can be so beautiful, yet so easily overlooked.

My passion however lies in photographing events as it gives me the chance to document intimate moments that some people never even knew existed, and showcase it for all those that had missed out. It’s for that very reason alone why I absolutely love to photograph weddings!!

Besides that I absolutely love to teach beginners on the fundamentals of photography, as well as all the nitty gritty technical stuff they need to know to work their camera. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in contact me. I guarantee you’ll learn more in an hour with me, than you would after a whole day in one of those photography classes!